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U.S. Paycheck Protection Program

COVID-19, Labor Force

PPP Dashboard
A visual representation of the distribution of loans across the U.S. by state, loan range, and industry.
A simple dashboard bringing together Canada COVID-19 data from multiple data sources
U.S. 2020 Election collection documentation auto-genareted from the RDS Public Data Center catalog.

RDS COVID-19 Data in RMarkdown

COVID-19, Johns Hopkins University, Statistics Canada

COVID-19 Data in RMarkdown
An RMarkdown notebook that walks through how to build up graphs and charts using COVID-19 data stored in RDS.

RDS COVID-19 Walkthrough

COVID-19, Johns Hopkins University, Statistics Canada

RDS COVID-19 Walkthrough
A website designed with the RDS-JS SDK, providing a walkthough on how and when to use different types of data available through RDS.

MTNA GitHub Resources

Tools, GitHub, Open Source

MTNA GitHub`
RDS JavaScript, Python, and R open source libraries, examples, and tools.

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