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As a Developer or Scientist, you Deserve Easy Access to Data and Metadata as a Service.

Focus your time and resources on delivering results or friendly user interfaces, not data wrangling or struggling with proprietary systems.

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How RDS Makes Your Life Easier

On-Demand Queriable Data

On-Demand Queriable Data

Whether you need to retrieve record level data or compute aggregated tables, the results are just a simple API call away. RDS offers flexible ways to query the data, and takes care of performnce and other technical challenges behind the scenes.

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Cut Your Development Time

You should not have to be concerned and waste your time with database integration or complex format conversions. RDS delivers the data and metadata in standard JSON, or open data packages ready for immediate import in analytical software and databases.

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The Data You Need with the Language You Prefer

Whether you are a software developer or a data scientist, as long as your favorite coding environment can talk to a REST based service, you can use RDS. Our open source libraries make it even easier for popular frameworks like R, Python, or JavaScript.

Developer Resources

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API Specifications

Consult our standard API specifications to familiarize yourself with the various methods and options, or use the Swagger file for to generate code or other purposes.

Swagger Docs
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API Documentation

Follow the link below for additional documentation, examples, and stories around the RDS API.

Docs   User Stories
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Open Source Libraries

Accessing data and metadata over an industry standard REST API is nice and easy. It becomes trivial when using our open source libraries, available for popular development and research environments. Visit our GitHub project sites below for details, and get started within minutes.

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Learn by Example

Nothing better than exciting storytelling examples to see how this all comes together. Follow the links below to see demos and code snippets leveraging our open source libraries.

JavaScript   Python   R

Built For

Not everyone is an API developer. The RDS Explorer and TabEngine provide friendly interfaces to discover and interact with data for online or offline analysis.

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See how RDS has been built from the ground up to make your data more accessible, ready for delivery to your users' communities.

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