How RDS Works

The RDS Consumer Services API inserts itself between your end users or web application and your databases, delivering flexible mechanisms to query or download your data, injecting along the necessary documentation to ensure effective and responsible use. Whether running on premises or in the cloud, we can optionally assist you preparing your data and metadata for publication, or modernize your data management environment.

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Back End Data Sources

Your data stored in on-premises or cloud-based SQL server or other compatible queryable data source. relevant technology can be choosen based on data size or performance requirements.

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Information about your data sources, variables, code/categories, collections, and related documentation stored in MTNA's RDS repository.

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Rich Data Services API

Industry standard REST based API to concurrently query data and metadata, open data packaging, and content management.

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Data Integration

Integrate in web portals and applications for discovery, tabulation, visualizations, or self-service solutions.

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Data Delivery

Stop data wrangling! Leverage the API and open data packaging services to deliver data in useful formats, ready for immediate use.

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Data Analysis

Perform interactive or offline analysis from data science, statistical packages, machine learning, VR, and other environments.

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There are myriad ways the RDS API can be used to deliver innovative data solutions and modernize your infrastructure.

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API Services

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Querying Services

The RDS API exposes fast and flexible querying and tabulation methods, giving user complete control to build the data sets needed to power your websites, visualizations, or to support analysis. Leverage RDS to leave the data-wrangling challanges behind the scenes, and deliver data as a services for effectives research and development.

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Metadata Services

Data without documentation or context has little meaning and purpose. The metadata stored by RDS can both be blended in the data services, or searched and consulted independently to populate user interfaces, enrich visualizations, or generate custom tables and reports. Hard-coding variable names, labels, descriptions, code lists, and the likes are a thing of the past.

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Open Data Packaging Services

Whichever tools you use, we have you covered. With formats from statistical software, to delimited files, to charting libraries available, RDS can package your data however you need it, right from the API.

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Technology Stack

RDS is powered by our standards based framework leveraging on industry standards and robust open source technologies.

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Supported Databases

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*and any other JDBC-compliant databases.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Built For

Not everyone is an API developer. The RDS Explorer and TabEngine provide friendly interfaces to discover and interact with data for online or offline analysis.

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See how RDS has been built from the ground up to make your data more accessible, ready for delivery to your users' communities.

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Built for Developers

We engineered RDS for developers and scientists, and have API documntation, open source libraries, and examples to get you started within minutes.

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Seeing is Believing.

Visit our COVID-19 project site for a storytelling example on how RDS can be used to make a difference in the world.

Or allow us to show you how RDS can save you, your developers, and your researchers time and resources, by enabling the delivery of high quality data and metadata.

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