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Data is rarely ready for analysis....

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RDS empowers both information systems and users by concurrently delivering data and metadata as a service in formats engineered for immediate use.

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RDS Public Data Center

Our RDS Public Data Center provides access to popular datasets of broad interest. Take advantage of this free resource to perform useful analysis, familiarize yourself with the RDS Explorer or TabEngine, or experiment with the RDS API.
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RDS COVID-19 Data Center

Our COVID-19 Data Center offers open access to essentials datasets surrounding Coronavirus cases, testing, general statistics, complemented with contextual datasets. By commiting our technology and expertise, we hope to make a difference in alleviating the global crisis .
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  • Nathan is a Data Scientist...

    Data Researcher Story Illustration 1

    Nathan had a data wrangling problem:
    All the research data he needed resided in difficult to access systems, or proprietary file formats incompatible with his tools.

    On top of that, he wasn't able to understand the meaning of half the data, as the data was provided without a codebook or other basic documentation.

    Data Researcher Story Illustration 2

    Nathan could have spent the next week banging his head on his desk, trying to get his scripts and program to either read or convert the file, and digging for non-existent documentation.
    Instead, he found another source offering the same data through Rich Data Services.

    Within minutes, through the easy to use RDS web services and user interfaces, he was able to retrieve the subset of data he needed in his favorite format, and immediately begin analysis.

    Data Researcher Story Illustration 3

    As part of RDS, a personalized codebook accompanied the data along with metadata in standard based format, giving meaning to the content and further allowing Nathan to comply with data management plans and best practices.

    Instead of spending most of his valuable time data wrangling, Nathan could focus on analysis & research, his true passion, and continue to deliver groundbreaking findings.

  • Tanya is a Web Developer...

    Developer Story Illustration 1

    Tanya had a problem: She needed to build a new website, a substantial portion of which needed to be driven by a large data set published by a public organization.

    The data Tanya needed however, was locked away in an internal database server, and only made available as large text or proprietary files. Not particularly web developer friendly.

    Developer Story Illustration 2

    Custom building a solution to query and deliver the data to her application was far beyond her project's scope or timeline. After some research, her agency discovered and adopted the RDS platform for its data publishing needs and solved her problem overnight.

    Developer Story Illustration 3

    In just a few lines of code, Tanya was able to use the RDS API to to query and deliver all the data she could possibly need, and allow her to focus on her web application project unhindered.

    Rather than facing weeks of custom development work or even the prospect of project failure, Tanya was able to successfully complete her project, and deliver crucial information to policy makers and users.

  • Jane Works For a Large Data Publisher...

    Data Publisher Story Illustration 1

    Jane had a problem: As a data publisher, she needed to make hundreds of datasets available to her community of users.

    She also knew that in order for her datasets to be as effective and useful as possible, she needed to provide comprehensive metadata, but wasn't entirely certain how to do so.

    Data Publisher Story Illustration 2

    Despite knowing that the traditional methods of data publishing were losing effectiveness, Jane didn't have the time or expertise to figure out how to modernize her methods.

    Jane could have just shrugged, and kept providing data the way she always had, regardless of the end usability of her data.

    Data Publisher Story Illustration 3

    Instead, Jane contacted MTNA, getting their help with preparing her data and metadata, establishing a data warehouse, and integrating it all with RDS.

    By publishing and hosting their data through RDS, Jane's organization met its mandate to deliver innovative, high quality data and metadata services to its user communities, enabling their success.

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Not everyone is an API developer. The RDS Explorer and TabEngine provide friendly interfaces to discover and interact with data for online or offline analysis.

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Designed For Data Publishers

See how RDS has been built from the ground up to make your data more accessible, ready for delivery to your users' communities.

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Built for Developers

We engineered RDS for developers and scientists, and have API documntation, open source libraries, and examples to get you started within minutes.

Developer Corner

Do More, with Less

Data without context is
only half the story.

You typically need to do a fair amount of detective work to make sense the data, what the numbers or variables mean, how they have been coded, or where they come from. Metadata alleviate that issue.

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Drastically Reduce
Data Wrangling

Most analysts spend the majority of their time massaging or trying to make sense of the data. What if instead, you could spend most of your time just doing research?

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Promotes & Fosters
'FAIR' Data

We all agree data should meet the principles of Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability. Let's turn this vision into reality.

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Data is often found in text files, proprietary formats, or in databases, putting it out of reach unless you have the right tools or privileges. RDS alleviates this through its standards based API and open data packaging.

Inspired by Standards & Best Practices

Inspired by Standards &
Best Practices

RDS metadata models and implementation have been guided by IT industry and domain standards, to deliver a robust solution complying with global best practices.

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Seeing is Believing.

Visit our COVID-19 project site for a storytelling example on how RDS can be used to make a difference in the world.

Or allow us to show you how RDS can save you, your developers, and your researchers time and resources, by enabling the delivery of high quality data and metadata.

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