Rich Data Services gives data publishers the power to provide data and metadata to users and information systems in formats engineered for immediate use.

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What is Rich Data Services?

Rich Data Services is a data and metadata publishing platform that simplifies the process of providing high quality and well documented data to users through easy to use interfaces and machine actionable APIs.

Data Documentation

Provide key metadata to bring clarity to data. Multilingual metadata is supported to provide a first class experience to every user.

Data Discoverability

Metadata is leveraged to provide users with a powerful search capability to quickly locate data products and variables of interest.

Data Integration

Data and metadata can be exported as data and script files, documentation, or integrated into existing applications through the API.

Built for...

Data Publishers

Rich Data Services makes it easy to connect to, document, and publish data in a way that it is discoverable and ready for delivery to researchers and developers.

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The Rich Data Services Explorer and Tabulation engine make it easy to explore and subset record level data, run tabulations and linear regression, download data and documentation for offline use.

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Rich Data Services was designed with developers and data scientists in mind, and is accompanied by API documentation, open source libraries, and examples to get you started.

Developer Resources
Rich Data Services Tabulation Engine Example

Seeing is Believing

Visit our public data center site for a storytelling example on how Rich Data Services can be used to make a difference in your organization.

Or allow us to show you how Rich Data Services can save you, your developers, and your researchers time and resources by enabling the delivery of high quality data and metadata.

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